When it comes to the collection process, TAB Services focuses on both the results and the relationship. We consider our collection process to be an extension of the patient or customer care that you provide. TAB Services knows that working collectively with the client produces the best results. By offering complimentary in-house training to the client, both TAB Services and the client succeed by realizing efficiencies in personnel, increased collection rates, and ultimately increased revenue and cash flow.

    The collection process begins by contacting TAB Services to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives. We make the set-up process easy and once this is done, TAB Services begins the collection process as early as the next business day. Our comprehensive approach to collections involves working directly with the consumer throughout every step of the process. This helps to preserve the dignity and importance of the consumer while achieving timely, positive outcomes for our clients. Our time-honored process management and ethical practices ensure optimal results for all parties involved.


    In the event that payment is not received from a consumer, our clients can rest assured that TAB Services will continue to advocate on their behalf. The legal resources and relationships accumulated by TAB Services since 1963 ensure that our experienced staff members are well versed in the legal options available to our clients, should the need arise.


    We understand that our services represent an extension of the patient or customer care you provide through your own business, which is why we always make every effort to ensure we are a trusted name within the local community. As part of this effort, TAB Services proudly adheres to the highest standards of compliance in every aspect of our daily operations and continually monitors compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations.

    The collectors at TAB Services receive comprehensive training on the FDCPA and HIPAA and complete any related testing before beginning collection activities. Additional training is provided through area educational institutions and American Collectors Association (ACA) seminars. Our clients can rest assured knowing that our comprehensive staff training and methods of compliance monitoring ensure the highest level of professionalism throughout the collection process.